Burros - Grade 2 & 3

Fourth Wednesday of the month – 4pm-4.45pm

Are you in Grade One or Two and love reading? Our Burros book club is for you!

Current Book - Molly And Pim And The Millions Of Stars by Martine Murray

Molly’s mother is not like other mothers- she rides a yellow bike and collects herbs and makes potions, perhaps even magical potions. Molly wants to be normal, like her friend Ellen, and watch television and eat food that comes in packets. But when Molly’s mother accidentally turns herself into a tree, Molly turns to the strange and wonderful Pim for help. And as they look for a way to rescue her mother, Molly discovers how to be happy with the oddness in her life.

We're very sorry to inform you that the quota for this book club is full. Please contact us via email (hello@squishyminnie.com.au) or phone (03 5460 1420) to be added to a wait list.
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