Mannars - Grade 5 & 6

Second Wednesday of the month – 4pm-4.45pm

Are you in Grade 5 or 6 and love reading? Our Mannars book club is for you!

Current Book - The Explorer by Katherine Rundell

Fred awoke to find that a snake was watching him and that there was an aeroplane in the trees. It was on fire. Being on fire was a quality it shared with much of the surrounding jungle.

After crashing hundreds of miles from civilisation in the Amazon rainforest, Fred, Con, Lila and Max are utterly alone and in grave danger. They have no food, no water and no chance of being rescued. But they are alive and they have hope. As they negotiate the wild jungle they begin to find signs that something – someone – has been there before them. Could there possibly be a way out after all’

We're very sorry to inform you that the quota for this book club is full. Please contact us via email ( or phone (03 5460 1420) to be added to a wait list.
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