3D Colourscapes: Fantastical Beasts


Moffett, Patricia

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Colour in and create your own amazing three-dimensional world full of fantastic mythical beasts! Journey to a land of werewolves, giant spiders, basilisks, three-headed dogs, dragons, griffins and more in this spectacular 3D colourscapes book you can play with over and over again. Open the book to discover 24 double-sided press-out sheets. Colour in and stack them in the base in any order you like, to reveal different magical scenes. With so many card combinations, the fun doesn't stop once the cards have been coloured in – kids can keep creating new colourscapes with different card arrangements. This is a cool and creative colouring kit that is sure to spark children's imaginations.

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Dimensions 243 x 171 x 15.24 mm
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